How should we remember?

As armistice day is commermorated around the globe today, it makes me think of how its relevance has changed since its inception over 90 years ago.

Even though the Great War was supposed to be the war to end all wars, countless millions have perished for one cause of another since then, grimly going to their deaths for a politcal belief, or to uphold one nation’s supremacy over another. Have we learned from what the past can show us, or does the process of Remembrance induce a collective amnesia to the hidden costs of conflicts? That sometimes soldiers do die in vain, an unpalatable truism that no doubt we will be borne out as we become embroiled in more needless wars.


we don’t need no education?

we don’t need no education?

what sort of History should be taught in schools?

It seems that the currently shifting sands of education will herald in a new sort of focus in History teaching, as outlined in the link above

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